Power Word of Peace

"The warrior for so long held hate in his heart. Blood on his blade, disgust for his enemy, he salted the earth. Anger was his mind, anger was his life. But then came a time when war fell, and blood ran cold- and so the warrior of hate turned to the light, turned to the tranquility and became a warrior of peace."

- The Words of the Elk Tribe. 

 In a realm full of war and hate, especially common-place in the society of giants, peace is a concept that only hints in whispers' of off-color heroes full of lofty dreams. However; the righteous with peace in their minds follow this path not much taken.

   Recorded uses of this ancient Giant Rune date back from a tribe of man known as the Elk Tribe. The first war-king of the ancient tribe turned to a life of peace after many wars with his neighbors, being granted this holy rune by the giant-lords.

Tranquility Points 

Tranquility points are honed within the user for a short duration of time after taking damage from enemy opponents. The force of this energy of hate is used to establish a peaceful end to the combat in a variety of magical ways. In the beginning, the runes stays charged for one minute, before all Tranquility points are refreshed. You may store up to fifty Tranquility points as-well.

 Casting Effects

Certain effects cast spells towards the enemies. The attack modifier and DC are similar to yours if you are a caster.

 If you not a spell-caster, they default to charisma. 

This rune does not allow you to kill any creature or humanoid. Dropping that creature to zero hit-points immediately brings them to an unconscious state.


Any armor bound by the tranquility rune are often worn by those who give there life in striding for peace. So long as tranquility is held within the soul of the welder, then the power of the rune will stride towards ending strife on the battlefield. 

Runic Armor of Peace follows three teachings: The Path of the Shepard guides towards alliance and understanding, while disengaging combat whenever able: The Path of the Matyr leads to defensive and protective understanding, and the Path of the Dreamer focuses on utility and maintaining the dream.

Path of the Shepard

XP Cost Ability Ability Ability
6,500 XP Among the Sheep Speaking with the Flock Lullaby Defense
23,000 XP Tampering Temperament Gaining a Herd Comforting Gaze
64,000 XP Friendly Flock A Shepards Knowledge Ending of Strife
120,000 XP Addressing the Flock Docility Beast of Comfort
188,000 XP From Wroth to Peace Messiah in a Shepard Aura of Peace

Path of the Martyr

XP Cost Ability Ability Ability
6,500 XP Taking Harms Way Oath of the Matyr Armor of Tranquility +1
23,000 XP Shift of Sacrifice Aura of the Guardian Shield of Peace
64,000 XP Charge of Defiance Hold Knell Armor of Tranquility +2
120,000 XP Shift of Sacrifice Upgrade A Heroes Tale Sphere of Resilience 
188,000 XP Essence of the Matyr Avatar of the Matyr Armor of Tranquility +3

Path of the Dreamer

XP Cost Ability Ability Ability
6,500 XP Dreamers Weave I A Peaceful Death Meditation
23,000 XP Dreamers Weave II Prayer for the Fallen Friend of the People
64,000 XP Day Dreamer I Envoys of Peace End of Anger
120,000 XP Dreamers Weave III Farewell to Arms One with the Earth
188,000 XP Day Dreamer II Consuming of Evil Renounce the Pleasures

Power Word of Peace

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