Power Word of Craft

"The lands were a craft of the gods. The earth molded to fit the lands. The liquids blessed and thrown into the seas, and the flesh free to roam both. Crafters all! Smithies of ores, and sea-men to ships, let free the imagination and let the grounds be your canvas to the next epic of the realm!" 

"[[The Gods' Craft]]" By Lawrance of Baulders Gate

Ubiquitous is crafting to both small-kin and giant a-like, crafting has been a talent shared to all things by the gods. Safe-keeping this dutiful balance has always been the keepers of the runic art of the craft. Although, blessed to the giant-kin through the epic Forge of the Ashen, legends tell of small-kin, humans, dwarves, elves, who have wielded the legendary powers of the runic power of the craft- granting each and every one of them the ability to mold with expertise the very concept of the soul.  

 These brave souls have transformed there flesh to steel- there souls to rock, and there minds to pure energy, as they sought deeper understanding of the secret that gods have held: the art of creating flesh. 


 Bonds are the links that the wielder of this runic magic carries with the various materials present in the world. Essentially- the bonds that the wielder connects to are the materials that they can use in the transformation process.

 Bonding with a material requires an action. If you already have a maximum amount of bonds, you must remove one, along with any transformations on your body that have that bonded material.

You must be in contact with a piece of the material in order to form with the bond. You must have proficiency with the intended creation in order to craft the bond (Must have proficiency in plate-armor to transform your flesh into plate)

   To begin, the wielder can only have a bond at any time. However, as the connection between user and rune grows, this increases.

Casting spells from the rune remove bonds. When a bond is lost, it will be returned after an extended rest.

Casting Effects

Certain abilities require the use of blood magic. These magical effects cost a certain amount of hit-points to produce.

Certain effects cast spells towards the enemies. The attack modifier and DC are similar to yours if you are a caster.

 If you not a spell-caster, they default to intelligence.

Talents of the Craft

Three paths, or "talents" are followed by the wielders of this powerful rune. The teaching of the alchemist enhance abilities and harm opponents with magical and poisonous effects crafted from the self. The talents of a binder on the other-hand mold there own flesh into odd configurations, going so far to transmute it to metals. Lastly, the talents of any smith improves his understanding of the magic of the rune, and unlocks more and more potentional from it. 

Path of the Alchemist

XP Cost Ability  Ability Ability
6,500 XP Blood Blast Stench of Life Tainted
23,000 XP Haze of Red Blood Shield Bloodsbane
64,000 XP [[Replanar Movement]] Thirst of the Vampire Mark of Blood
120,000 XP   Adrenaline  Tainted Upgrade
188,000 XP Blood Blast Upgrade Consumer of Flesh Blood Bending

Path of the Binder

XP Cost Ability  Ability Ability
6,500 XP Transmutation of Flesh Upgrade I Hard Metal  Enhance the Flesh
23,000 XP Transmutation of Flesh Upgrade II Strange Material Upgrade I Sensitivity 
64,000 XP Full Transmutation Hard Metal Upgrade I Racial selection 
120,000 XP Transmutation of Flesh Upgrade III Strange Material Upgrade II Melder of the Mind
188,000 XP Arcane redistribute   Grand Material Gods Body

Path of the Smith

XP Cost Ability  Ability Ability
6,500 XP Binding Upgrade I Linked Craft Upgrade I Master of the Forge
23,000 XP Binding Upgrade II Linked Craft Upgrade II Soul of the Smith
64,000 XP

Binding Upgrade III

Sight-Smith Transmuter of Mundane
120,000 XP Binding Upgrade IV Linked Craft Upgrade III Breaker of Chains
188,000 XP Fusion Master of Material [[Transmuter of Arcane]]

Power Word of Craft

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