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  • Boiling, Freezing, and Shocking in Water

    -A practical guide to what magic does to liquid-
    AS far as I'm aware, 5th edition does not have any rule sets when dealing with the effects that are caused by fire, lightning, or freezing. So, here is what I will say on the matter.

  • Revised Alchemy

    Note: This is currently in 'beta' and has not been tested, revised, or edited. I do apologize in advance.

    The Orders of Alchemy

     For eons now tools of crafting magical potions have been used to assist …

  • Jumping Into Harms Way

    The World of Evil

    Creatures of evil tend to not take chances with the unconscious, or perhaps they find a sickly pleasure in murdering the bleeding heroes when they lie near death on the floor beside them. Either way, certain creatures with …

  • Barbarian Meditation

    Barbarians look into themselves to discover meaning of their rage, and the world around them. During a short rest, a Barbarian does not sleep, rather, similar to an elf, they meditate. However, during that time, you are unaware of the world.