Three-hundred years ago, a great eye of elemental evil spoke to the first era of heroes and said these words:

"You cannot win, for you are not forever. The world will break, the ground will quiver, and you will disappear as the times change forever and ever more."

The Elemental Evils were defeated. the great prince of air, Yan-Ci-Bin, usurped by a mortal, confining the  dark prince within the body of a female ranger…

Two-hundred years ago, the world fell into the turmoil of the Abyss. The dark lords of the evil realm rose into a mortal form, and similar words were uttered by the Dark Lord [[Graz'zt]]:

"You will fall into the darkness of the afterlife. You're harvest will burn, and your churches will rot. Be it not today, but rather with turmoil of time. One day… One day…"

The dark lords were defeated. sent back to where they came. The great change however had begun with the inter dimensional god "Pelor," briefly entering into the realm, causing a shift in the order. The Forgotten Realms were no longer forgotten.

One-hundred and ninety years ago, the first incursion by mortals occurred. The dark Lord of Barovia made hast, capturing adventurers and toying with them- hoping to bring about a new lord of darkness. A group of adventurers entered into the mist, with evil in their souls… The decline of the heroes had begun. 

 What emerged from that realm was a dark paladin who had usurped the old regent Strahd, and with his bringing and familiarity with the realm of Faerun, he echoed these words:

"No longer shall the gallant hero ride, no longer shall the able mage study. What shall fall is a darkness, with all the light dampened." 

And then today, the end of the Age of Heroes began with the last torch cooled. Almore the Bannered is dead… Slain by the new great threat to the realm of man: Giants.

 However, with the twilight comes one last hope. A group of adventurers tutored and inspired by the last of the heroes has taken up arms and stand to take up the place where Almore left off. Will they be able to resurrect the ordering, or will the tides of the storm cause the end of the realm forever? 

|The Adventure is Over, the World is Over.|

|However; soon, another quest will begin|



Storm King's Thunder

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