War of the Stag and Eagle

"I stood there, my body quaking in anticipation as the spear was held closely to my chest. This wasn't my war… Certainly wasn't my war, especially when the enemy was fighting for something that in the end would be better for my sons…"

-A Peasant Warrior By Elmcot Welt

The Beginning of the Revolution

In the long history of Faerun, never had the concept of Communism emerged… Not until, atleast, the Barovian Incursion, and the disciple Karl Squaks arrived.

 Karl Squaks was a famed sailor, and a survivor of the Barovian Expedition, when he fought against the Lord Strahd. After the defeat of the dark lord, he was free to leave, travelling with the now freed Communist Eagle, where the two arrived in Russia.

 In Russia, the two, now long friends, set to work in ideology schools, learning the communist cause. When their training was done, they returned to their own plane in order to amend the great cities of old with a government for the people. The land they selected was one that Karl Squaks old companion Perrin resided in: Faerun. 

A War Breaks Out

Faerun was rebuilding. The Barovian Crisis has concluded, and the Vale Family returned to power within Neverwinter. However, the people were discontent. The Barovian Crisis, although concluded, brought drought, and famine. The people were angry at the factions failures to solve the mist sooner. When Karl Squaks arrived on the scene, it was just the prophet that specifically the town of Yartar sought. With the aid of the revolutionary, the peasant over-threw the regime of Yartar and established a peasant society. 

 This alarmed the cities surrounding the village: envoys were sent to the Lord's Alliance: War must be proclaimed before such alien ideology spread through the realm! The Vale Family took this opportunity to create legitimacy, and openly supported their eastern allies, promising to crush this open rebellion and return the lords of Yartar to the throne. A force of two-thousand was raised, and sent east to deal with the threat.

The Battle of Marsh Hill

Ten miles outside of Yartar was where the first battle took place between the Lord's Alliance and the fledgling Communist Party. The forces of the Lord's were made of one-thousand professional soldiers, one hundred mages of the Red, and eighteen hundred conscripted forces, the majority from Neverwinter. The army was led by Thondric the Blue and Tanamule the Drunk. Mean-while, the forces of the Communist Party were a meager one-thousand, two hundred mercenaries hired by Lord Perrin (Using the wealth gained from Barovia), and four hundred villagers turned militia. The commanders were Communist Eagle, Karl Squaks.

 The field of battle was upon the hills over-looking the high-road, with the Communist Forces planted upon the hill-side. The over-confident, and vastly larger number of troops of the forces of the Vale Twins swung into line of the Communist Forces. However; Karl Squaks had a trick up his sleeve: returning from Russia and from knowledge given from once companion Winzer, the Communist employed the deadly Burning Barrels, a lethal mix of Alchemist Fire and Gunpowder not seen in Faerun warfare surprised the forces of Vale Soldiers, and quickly routed them, having seen them not loyal to the cause, and fearful of new invention.

The victory at Marsh Hill led to advances of Communist Forces as they pushed south, and north, occupying Red-Larch and High-Saddle: over-throwing the current regimes and presenting power to the peasantry. 


The Entering of the Waterdeep

The victories of the communist party in the Long Road states worried the balance of power in all of the Sword-Coast. When word arrived that the Vale Twins had failed to stop the advance of Communist Forces, and that lords of the alliance were getting slain by the communist, Orsick and Waterdeep intervened. 

 Orsick had amassed wealth and grew Waterdeep into a leader of the Lord's Alliance, surpassing Baulder's Gate during the Barovian Crisis, and directed the most funds towards the war-effort, training a new army of 20,000 thousand that he would personally lead. 

 This army, led by Orisick marched forward, reclaiming Red-Larch, and Long Saddle: however, as the months went on, and the Communist forces stayed surprisingly well equipped due to third party forces, and maintained a guerilla style fighting stance that made casualties high for Orsick's forces, a decision had to be made: would communism in the Long Road states be bad? 

 An End to Conflict, and the the Thornwall Accords

 Perrin Thornwall was no friend of communism; however, he was a starch leader of the Thornwall independence movement. The state of Thornwall was a small principality enveloped by the Vale Family during the Five Second Wars, and the Thornwall Family was down-graded to just a house in the Vale Families government. 

 As such, Perrin Thornwall sought power to return the families lands to himself, and after disappearing for several months, he finally returned, and with the wealth of a king through what many believe, a deal with the dark-lords of the blasted land of Barovia.

Needless to say, officially Perrin was a independent in the conflict between the Communist Party and Lord's Alliance; however, reports soon emerged that Perrin was arming local independence movements and the Communist Party using his vast contacts, and massive wealth.

 As such, when peace came around, it was Perrin who was the first to be appeased: he demanded his family lands be returned, which was reluctantly agreed upon during the Thornwall accords.

 Along with this, the Thornwall accords brought peace to the Sword Coast, as the Lord's Alliance ceded rights to Red-Larch, Triboar, and Yartar, and give free-option to enter and leave the Lord's Alliance as any state pleases. In return, the Communist Society agreed to pay for damages, and charge revolutionaries that murdered the lord's of the cities captured by the Communist Society. Along with this, Long Saddle was returned to the Lord's Alliance.

 On his death-bed, Karl Squaks recalled this from the meeting: 

"The Meeting was a success, it brought peace. Lord Orsick was saddened, for many lay dead. Lord Vale's were angered, for they had lost control. I… I was glad, for my brothers, at-least some-where, have been given freedom from their oppression." 

His word ring truth, to some extent. Although, it officially brought peace, their is some hostility amongst the factions to this day. Along with this, it is almost seemed that the Lord's Alliance divided after the accords were signed. The Lord's Alliance of the North, operated by the Vale Family, and the Lord's Alliance of the South, operated by Orsick and the Lord's of Waterdeep.

The impact of this peace and the war before it continue to be seen to this very day.


War of the Stag and Eagle

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