The Power of Runes

"In the beginning, before man made its mark upon the land, the giant gods gave to their. devoted the power of their language: and in that power game the ancient words of the runic tongue." 

-A Brief History of Runic Tongue

Words of Power

…Before man came upon the land, giant-kin and their lords ruled the realms of Faerun. In the ruler ship, the giant gods gave their people words of power to mark their favor, and give order to the disordered giants. 

 Millennia have passed since these words were spoken, the tongue forgotten and impossible to speak with the evolution of the spoken language. However, the magic still remains in the form of runic tones scattered in the ancient temples of the old giant lords. Even then, it takes an expert craftsmen, and power arcanist who knows the language of giant-kin and their traditions to have a chance to reproduce the words with their magical effects intact.

A Heroes Signature Tool 

Often wielded by the most famous of heroes, a rune magic item is the most recognizable item in that heroes arsenal. Often a weapon or armor, the piece of equipment is easily the most powerful item in the collection.

 However, such power comes to integrate itself with the user. The rune magic item itself requires attunement, but you may only wield one item with rune magic at any given time.

 Along with this, once attuned the weapon becomes an integral part in the experiences of the adventuring life. As the adventurer himself grows, so does the power of the magical rune equipment. This allows all pieces of rune equipment to be quiet powerful in granting boons for any type or experience level adventurer. 

   In Storm Kings Thunder Experience points will no longer be the player level tracking tool. Instead, once a rune magic item is obtained, the piece of equipment will be earning the experience. This experience may be used based on the Skill Tree of the piece of runic magic. More details of the Skill Tree and specific rune magic item trees can be found below or in the magic item section of the wiki. 


<u>More Information on</u> Skill Trees

The Power of Runes

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