The Laughing Goblin Tavern

"You find yourselves resting after a wary days travel. You sit by the fireplace, mead in your hand, peasants at your side, ready to regale the tales of adventures never told."

The Tavern is the directory for all things story-telling that isn't told in the game! From writing contest to extended back stories, all works relating to the game are welcomed here! 

Writing Contest

The Meeting of Almore


Winner: Reflection Under a Walnut Tree by Denar

Day of Dragon's Festival

Winner: A Peculiar Appetite by Denar and Rocky

Apology to Lady Ireen


Winner: Long Winded by Denar

Drinking in the End of Worlds Tavern

Winner: Reigniting the Flame by Rocky

Francisco's (Mis)Adventures 






Tales  and Other Stories

Journal Entry One

Journal Entry Two

Dream One

Dream Two

Other Material

Prison Break

Of the Principles of Regeneration 

The Legend of the Giant Slayer 

The Laughing Goblin Tavern

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