The Heroes of the Four Elements

The Heroes of the Four Elements (Also referred to as the 'First Age Heroes') were a group of adventurers from the Moon Sea. After they were nearly assassinated by the Cults of Elemental Evil they journeyed to Red Larch where they did battle with the cultist, and eventually defeated the Prince of Elemental Air Yan-Ci-Bin ending the reign of elemental chaos. 

 During the battle, the Heroes of the Four Elements employed the weapons that the cult leaders carried. These weapons brought about the rage of the Elements, and assisted in the battle against the evil powers. 

 One of the heroes, a female ranger by the name of [[]] sacraficed herself to contain the powers of Yan-Ci-Bin for a longer period. She is now revered as a god, taking the place of Yan-Ci-Bin as the princess of Elemental Air.

After the events of the Elemental Crisis, the adventurers went on their various ways, forever changing the Sword Coast.


The Heroes of the Four Elements

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