The Drow Wars

"The drow rode in at midnight, armed in tooth and blade. Hunger came a thirst of blood, which struck my town with daze. 'Pelor the god reigned hell upon their lands, vanquish the men above the group who pray to dirt and sand.'"

-Eye witness report sung by a Bard. 

The Drow Wars were a series of wars between the Major Factions of the Sword Coast against the Drow Houses

 After the destruction of Mezzobarazan by the Demon Lords and Pelor, the drow sought to avenge the thousands of deaths and countless buildings destroyed. This led the first Drow War.

 The second came during the Barovian Incursion, when many believed the Drow were involved in the kidnappings through the mist. This led to prosecution and destruction of many historical drow outpost, destroying the foundation of Drow society, and disolving the Drow Houses.

 The last war came after the Drow Refuge Crisis when Edipius Darkseed, famed necromancer of Lolth sought to unify the fleeing drow. An army of undead and drow arose, and only the combined effort of the heroes of previous crisis' could the drow necromancer be defeated.



The Drow Wars

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