Sandals of the Cavalier

'Oh Brave Ser Stantion of Red-larch, the poor old sod got into a jousting matching with the bard that bedded his daughter. Turns out that very same bard had these here Sandals, and if it wasn't for him getting pierced through the heart, I'm sure he would've won!"

-Jerimias the Magi of Phlan

While wearing these sandals on a mount, you can’t be dismounted against your will if you’re conscious, and attack rolls against the mount have disadvantage.


One must describe the scene that Lord Ser Stanton saw when he returned early from the Orc incursion of the North. His young daughter Sefina was in bed with a young bard whose name is all but forgotten. A heatful bashing occurred, with the Bard attempting to flee as Ser Stanton drew his sword. However, moments before he could cut the poor sod to pieces, Sefina suggested a competition under the guise that the Bard was simply there for tutoring, and was innocent of charges.

 Now, I need not go into the skill Ser Stanton has at the stern of a horse. He was a cavalierly man since the young age of a pip, and was feared across the lands as the greatest Saddle-master of the Lord's Alliance, so he gainfully accepted knowing this would be just reason to hang the poor Bard whom had seeded his daughter.

 One might be asking at this point why our lady Sefina asked for such a contest? Simple: the poor bard of our story carried with him a fine assortment of magical items, one of such was the Sandals of the Cavalier. 

 Rumors say such an item was found in the deserts to the south, but in reality, it was made by some dwellers of the Anauroch who prayed to whatever bastard gods for a footing that could carry them to victory against any caravans they sought to loot.

Yet, it is still that the bard had this item, and was rather sure he would win this contest. Our documents have him recorded to say buying trust and bettings against the skillful Ser in hopes to even exploit is winnings. A cocky man doesn't live long, however, sad to say.

The day of the contest game, with the bard taking on his sandals and gown, and grabbing the jousting lance ready to win a easy victory. Lord Ser Stanton carried fury in his eyes, and took it to him on the mount. The two, the bard, and Lord Staton met, and clashed once, then twice!

On the third bout, the bard declared his victory as the two met one last time. A perfect aim was fixated upon the heart of the bard! This would knock any man off the horse, but not this bard, for he had the sandals! The blessing quickly became a curse as the bard failed to flinch, and instead was forced to take the force of the blunt lance into his chest, killing him instantly!

 Lord Stanton was satisfied, the bard died, and the lover cried. Our Ser took the sandals as a gift until his passing where we lose sight of such an item until our fateful New Age Heroes discovered them once more. 

Sandals of the Cavalier

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