Path of the Dragon

"Battles we fight, lands we claim, and fires we burn. We might win, we might fall, but in the end it matters not, for we will rise like the blood we brood: that of the dragon."

-Words of the dragon warrior. 

Power of the Dragon, Rage of the Beast

The warriors of the dragon totem find themselves grown to a harsher being. Their eyes grow yellow, and squint into a oval sphere, while their skin becomes rough and almost scale like in manner. The pole itself infuses the power of the dragon with the rage of a barbarian, granting magical properties to the barbarian's rage.

Choosing Your Beast

When you arrive at third level, you must choose the color which your totem dragon represents. The dragon color represents your personality: so for example, a barbarian of the red dragon might represent passion or cruelty. This is open to however you see fit. Along with this, your dragon color decides the effects marked as damage and resistance.  

Fusion of the Beast- 3rd level

You gain the stomach of a dragon. You may use a breath weapon attack as an action once per rage. The damage dealt is 3d6 (associated dragon color damage). The DC is equal to your 8+proficiency+constitution modifier and is a dexterity save. You also gain resistance to your associated damage type. 

Aspect of the Beast- 6th level

You gain the nose of a dragon. When making a investigation or perception check to find treasures, hidden rooms, traps, ect; you may make the check with advantage, even if you are blinded. 

Totemic Attunement- Level 14

While raging, your weapon transcends into pure energy of your dragons element. Your weapon now deals magical damage associated with the color of your dragon. Along with this, you may add your constitution modifier to the damage dealt. 

Dragon Types 



Dragon Damage Type  
Black Acid  
Blue Lightning  
Brass Fire  
Bronze Lightning  
Copper Acid  
Gold Fire  
Green Poison  
Red Fire  
Silver Cold  
White Cold  


Path of the Dragon

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