Belt of the Hill Giant

"One must ask them self 'why would I put on this belt?' then quickly weigh wisdom over brute force… And choose the later option."

Quinston Garvey, world explorer. 


[Cursed] When placing on the belt, the wearer declares how much strength they wish to have (A minimum of 2). For each strength added, the characters wisdom increases by an equal amount. Along with this, they gain 75 pounds per strength, and gain the 'slam ability' (Improvised attack roll, 1d4 for every point in strength modifier.) 
The item, when not cursed functions the same, with the exception of declaring the increase each day 


So… This thing. Look, the ordering made allot of mistakes that still ring to this day. The debate on the order of the Ice Giant VS Fire giant, or the positioning of the Stone Giant ring up a-few sentiments that lead to disagreement of the major academic institutions in Faerun, however, it is agreed that the most deserving order is that of Hill Giant. Big, academically stupid, and as wise as a orange, the Hill Giant is the young bully in the playground whose going to wind up as some crooked grave-digger selling body parts to the local necromancer in disguise.

 And the belt only helps with that statement! Found by a local Hobgoblin band around 250 years ago, it briefly led to the decline of population in that area when the Hobgoblin chief began harvesting and destroying the land around for food.

And that's the biggest quip I have with this belt. It increases your strength of-course, however at the cost of you being as wise and knob. Be cautious is all I'm saying.

Belt of the Hill Giant

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