Yrilllsa Zylakas


Race:Wood Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Fighter/Scout
Background: ???
Age: 48 Height: 5’ Weight: 105lbs
Eyes: Green Skin: Tan Hair: Chestnut

Hp(max): 34
AC: 13

Keen Hearing/Sight: Adv on Perception checks using hearing or sight
Dual weapon fighter:

Common Gear:
Leather Armor
Short sword x2
Short Bow
Basic Poison
3 javelins


Yrilllsa is still a juvenille by Elven standards, however her behavior is often more consistent with an elf a third her age.

If it weren’t for her exceptional skill with guerilla tactics it is likely Yrilllsa would have been locked away long ago despite the current manpower shortage.

She yearns to prove herself through combat and seizes almost any chance to harass or engage enemies. She does not seek out combat when working with others. A recent mission where most of her comrades were killed, one being torn apart right before her eyes, has dampened her passion for combat. She still seeks combat but only if she is able to engage the enemy alone. Some commanders, noticing her actions, are concerned that she may have something of a death wish after her experience.

Yrilllsa Zylakas

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