Sgt. Peppermore

"I'll offer my courage, even though it is as small as a twig."


A older gentlemen plump in the belly, he carries a heavy beard upon his face, and a frown underneath it. He looks like an unassuming guardsman, but in his eyes you see the shape of an inexperienced soldier who hasn’t fought anything harder then the local drinkers.


Born within the areas surrounding Nightstone, Henry Peppermore started his life as a farmer. After failed cropping, and the destruction of Night-stone, he sold his farm and became a guard within the city limits.
Never a fighter, Henry took interest in the reconstruction of the village, and his talents, and manners of leadership in that field earned up the title of sergeant. However, despite the occasional tussle with the local drinkers, and monthly exercises in the field, he wasn’t a training fighter.
When the giant attack on Nightstone occurred, Sgt. Peppermore was stationed within the keep. Stranded by the broken bridge, and the presence of Lady Ireen, he was forced to stay and wait for help.
After the fate of the villagers became clear, he felt guilty, and has sought to join the New Age Heroes against the orcs…

Sgt. Peppermore

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