Orc Barbarian who Aided the Heroes of the Underdark against the demonlords


The grunt orc has tusk of a boar, and wears nothing but simple tribal garbs.A cannon is strapped to his arm, with arcane energy fired from it in balls of force.


Ront was one of the prisoners during the Abyssal Crisis who escaped with the party. His armed was removed during this period, and a depression struck in, as he had nothing but hatred for his companions.
However; as time went on, and he recovered, he gained a robotic arm of a myconoid, and respect from the party he once loathed. After demanding a share of the loot- he became an equal to the heroes.
When Ront returned to the surface before the return to the Underdark, he set forth of uniting the tribes that were loss in the wars before his imprisonment. He was successful in this, and his tribes become one of the most prominent in the north.
After uniting the tribes, he returned with his companions, and aided in slaying Pelor, and stopping the dark powers.
He corresponding with his beloved companions- now friends after the great victory, aiding in The Drow Wars, where he became a legendary figure as he decried his famous Hold the Line Speech.
After the victory of the above-dwellers, Ront retired, and died peacefully with a legacy in line.


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