Mage Gorak

"Ah, young ones! How about I give you a lesson on the arcane arts!"


The old astute gnome has seen his times and they have long past. He is mild mannered, and clumsy as can be, however as he speaks, the voice he carries is that of soothing massage as he goes on and on about his travels, learnings, and magic.1301972499256.jpg
His body is covered in a wizard’s gown, and his hands are almost always filled with a pile of books.


The mysterious court wizard has been within the city for the past twenty years. Before that, Mage Gorak of the harpers was a helpful colleague to Almore, and a member of the “Bannered men,” identifying magic and flaying enemies.
However, such studies have had ill effects on the mage, and accepting the desires of knowledge led to retirement and long-term insanity. Mage Gorak now resides in the Harper’s tower as a oh-so helpful adviser in the ancient arts that he still remembers.

Mage Gorak

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