Lord Kragger

"Those damned crab-people stole my wife!"


A gallant man reeking of the sea, Lord Kragger stands tall and wide in the belly, partial fatness slouching from the heavy ale, and partly from the worn muscles from his days at sea. His skin is hardy tan like bark, and his fingers are callused harsh from wicked gnarls of sea rope blowing in the storm.


Lord Kragger is an original member of Almore’s “Bannered men.” Starting as a younger welp in Almore’s band, Lord Kragger proved himself a great sea-fairer during the “Adventures to the end of the world,” and the pirate war.
After several years of travel with Almore, and the amounting of treasure, and raising of status for Lord Kragger, he retired as a Lord of Waterdeep. During his rest, he met the secluded Arch-wizards niece, Salune Martianna, and the two, surprisingly, kicked it off for their common ideals in archaeology and the sea. Soon, the two were married, and grew to be the most influential family of the Lords Alliance in arcane research aide from the Vale Family.
However, disaster struck with Chull’s journeyed East during the “Sea terror,” and Salune Martianna was captured, sent west for sacrifice.
Lord Kragger called upon Almore once more, and the two along with the remaining members of the “Bannered men,” traveled west. Once west, the group slew many Chulls, however it was too late. Salune was slain, sacrificed to a strange god in the West, and the party returned East to lay the bury rights.
Now Lord Kragger aged over the years, has become a retired noble, and Admiral of the Royal Neverwinter navy.

Lord Kragger

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