Lady Ireen

Current leader of the befallen Nightstone


The rather aged Lady Ireen has fair blond hair, and a graceful smile. Despite her age of 27, she has the figure and face of one half that age, and her eyes twinkle in a green glowing ruby.


Lady Ireen (Former Ireen Edmund, after her husband former) is the leader of the fallen Night-stone. Born within the city of Waterdeep, she learned the trades of any formal lady until the age of fourteen. Her family, being quite powerful and influential for its dealings in fishing around Waterdeep, along with her beauty, attracted many suitors within the realm and beyond. However, it wasn’t until she met the Lord Baron Edmund, Lord of Night-stone, when she found her match, and settled down in the boarder city.
Times were tough for her late husband and herself. Although many lords and great heroes visited Night-stone for its potent and wealthy hunting grounds, often, border conflicts around the Ardeep have lead to the Great Raid of Night-stone, leading to the first burning of the city.
The next great disaster of Night-stone came from the orc raiding parties of the region. Lord Baron Edmund was slain by the Great Rider Seswin Ront of the Grey Bear tribe during the Warring Period of the tribe.
The loss of her husband brought great pain to Lady Ireen, however, as time passed, and the grieving period passed, again, disaster struck when Cloud Giants invaded Night-stone, dropping giant clouds upon the city, and killing her and most inhabitants.
She was later revived, and make close acquaintances to the New Age Heroes, falling into a deep relationship with the group’s bard Varis.

Lady Ireen

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