Francisco Delitinie

Drunkard Orc of Tyr


The acute orc stands tall and sways in a drunkards stance as he moves throughout the battlefield. Always a smile upon his face, he bellows and barks like a loud cleric, preaching more of a good drink then to the god whose emblem sticks to his plate and shield.


Francisco Delitinie is a companion to the New Age Heroes.
Born into an unknown orc tribe, Francisco was taken away at a young age, after the village was razed by the Clerics of Tyr to prevent anymore raiding in the area. Francisco was one of the few survivors, and taken in to “cleanse the mistakes of the tribe.”
Entering into the church as a young orc, Francisco soon became an outsider; the other students of the temple feared him, or hated him due to his savage fore-fathers- while teachers brought strict punishments as a way of life in order to punish the young orc for the mistakes of his once-tribe in Water-deep.
As a result of this strict and lonely life, Francisco looked inward, become a recluse, as he began reading and writing horror stories given to him by the local church of Ioun. This fascination soon turned to dedication as Francisco excelled in demon-ology and necromatic studies, eventually getting a scholarship to attend the College of Gethus.

Attending the College of Gethus was an eye-opening for the young Orc; Francisco dug into his studies, and was a respected academic by the diverse college. Receiving, top marks, soon, Francisco received a degree in Thanatology, Demonology, and Inquisitive Reasoning Relating to the Property of Necromancy.

After his academic studies, Francisco returned to Water-deep as a Inquisitor in the Undead Investigation branch of the Church of Tyr. Exploring the City of the Dead in old-town, he slew any undead abominations he came across.
During this time too, he met a younger Rickter who at this time journeyed with Almore. The two became correspondents, and during Rickter’s first brief stay in Waterdeep, the two stopped a cult uprising in the City of the Dead.
After Rickter’s leave, Francisco begin a friendship with Rickter’s younger sister. Although younger then Francisco, she had made a name for herself as a skilled member of the temple, and after a brief fiasco relating to competition between the two, a romance began to bloom.

Something occurred between the period of then and now, as Francisco had been barred to the church for, “Failure to uphold standards of the church,” while Rickter’s Sister left the city, and was excommunicated by the Neverwinter Church of Tyr. Francisco no longer prays as much as a cleric should, and drinks more then healthy for a cleric. He disliked his position in the Church, and decided to escape with the New Age Heroes- something that hadn’t been discovered the Giant Commission in Neverwinter by the time Rickter arrived.

Francisco Delitinie

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