War Cleric from Out of the Abyss


Full plate, a magic shield and spirit guardians made him the bane of the underdark. Highlight was a wall of blades strung down a narrow hall with a bunch of large beasties stuck and ground to a pulp. His trademark war hammer was replaced by his soulmate Dawnbringer, upon discovery of the exalted blade


After the events of the ‘Rage of Demons’ Dugen departed the Order of the Gauntlet with ill feeling towards their response with the drow and their ignorance in the rising of Pelor. This fracture only grew during the Barovian Incursion, when the Order of the Gauntlet failed to allocate proper resources to the supposed rumors.
Dugen himself entered into the realm, and has yet to be heard of sense. Rumors however claim that he died during his travels, with his blade Dawnbringer, being found by the Usurpers of Barovia, during their travels within the realm.


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