Ambrosia Pierce

6'4" beautiful woman with black flowing hair beyond her feet with an almost translucent bonde streak. Skiin almost black, the dark purple of a bruise. She is no woman, she is 13, she is Hagborn. A Nighthag to be.


Originally thought to be a tanned woman with long braided platinum hair. A life cleric trapped in Barovia who’s growth was attributed to her appearance as a nature cleric growing like a tree. It was all a lie. She was the unclaimed child of a Nighthag and her natural ability to alter her appearance had caused her to appear as she believed herself to be.

But the truth was revealed to her by the last of the sister’s of The Bonegrinder before the Nighthag was slain. Taking her on an astral trip to meet a mighty Nighthag and participate in the dream tortures of her friends, especially Silas who would later become the ruler of Barovia. Distraught and suicidal she became a deadly death cleric and thwarted the former master of Barovia, Count Strahd on a couple of occasions with her wit and will

After much soul searching she had used her innate ritual abilities to summon a unique familiar, infected with the fiendish energy of Barovia, a 3 headed great cat.

Ambrosia Pierce

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