Almore the Bannered

"You travel long, your deeds grow tall, and you accomplish much. But do not forget my friends, my deeds are simply inspiration for the next age."


Almore the Bannered, the last time visited was an ancient man. His hair was wary and grey, and his body was brittle. However, even then, with his wisdom, and with his strength, he was a powerfully built man. Legends say even in the end, his words were to be feared and his sword would cause your death.


Almore the Bannered’s youth is shrouded in mystery, along with most of his early years of adventuring. No one can truly give a good tale of the life of Almore. However, in his travels, he has journeyed with Lord Kragger into the depths endless sea, and earned titles of the “Bannered” throughout the realm.
Along with this, it is known that the Mage Gorak was once a traveler with Almore, however, the specifics of that kinship are locked in the mad mages mind.
What is known however, is that through his travels, he has been the New Age Heroes individually, and inspired them to take up adventuring on their own.

Almore the Bannered

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