Storm King's Thunder

The (So-far) 2017 Update Log
"Backlogging all the updates"

Hello everyone! I haven't updated this adventure log in quite awhile. Things have been completed, and worked upon; and finally they will be officially pressed into service (Despite the many that already are.) 

These, at the time, are also a work in progress for the indefinite future.

Game Update- November Edition
Races, home-brew, oh my!

Hello everyone, once again, we make it to another official update roster as we close up the month of November. Now, let's be honest, this list might be updated as I remember what was added throughout the month, but so far, I don't think anything new has been implemented other then the things I will be mentioning.

Current projects on the table.

  • Finishing updating the base material and converting over to Obsidian Portal.
  • Runes


Game Update- October Edition

Hello everyone,

 Rules revisions will take place at the end of each month. This is just a place where I will discuss and write down what in-games things become a thing, while other things stop being a thing.  This is really just a place where I can log updates to the game, and remember to place them in the game.

  • Pennies for Action System implemented
  • Boiling, Freezing, and Shocking in Water implemented
  • Elite Monsters implemented
  • Initiative cards implemented
  • Magic, and condition cards implemented
  • "Random scrolls" cards implemented


Current projects on the table.

  • Obsidian Portal for group
  • Revised Alchemy and Crafting System


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The Changing in the Storm
Relocating our groups position

Hello everyone,

 I just wanted to post this and invite you all to examine this website. Obsidian Portal is a website dedicated to maintaining and running campaigns. It will give us space for wiki information, character information, maps (With details of each location upon them.), and lastly, a place where we can have discussion and post our writings. 

 The downside I find is that, although the tools would be great to add to the game, and give a better, more detailed experience, it is on a platform outside of something as common as facebook. This won't, and probably never will be, a pure replacement, just an additional groups for most discussion. Along with this, the platform is five dollars a month for what I am thinking of upgrading to. It isn't allot however, so not that bad. 


Any-who, in the coming days, I will invite everyone to investigate this, and if we all like it, then welcome to our new home.


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